Students decry ‘holiday trees’; Schools ban Christmas as offensive!/hohmannselby/status/273289342913507328

The PC Grinches who stole Christmas! Twitter was buzzing this morning over a report that a Christmas tree was banned from a senior apartment complex.



The tree was ordered removed and residents were none too pleased.

Frances Schaeffer, who is Jewish, said she doesn’t understand the property management company’s stance.

“This tree is a symbol of reverence that we can all enjoy regardless of our religious beliefs,” she said.

Can’t have that! This senior apartment complex isn’t alone. The same thing is happening in schools across America and Britain.

thats ridiculous, my old primary school has banned the children taking in christmas cards for eachother! whats wrong with that?!

— JLS are my life (@Gabby_AMOJ) December 5, 2012

Wanted to decorate school for Christmas but wasn’t allowed,us older kids had Christmas cancelled by the HMIs 🙁

— SJH (@TheJonah1) November 30, 2012

Am I even allowed to say christmas in school? Ugh. #broadcastproblems

— MarieMaize (@AleetahMarie) November 29, 2012

No. No, you aren’t. There is to be no mention of the dreaded C-word, as these Twitter users report.

So my school was like “we’re not putting up christmas decorations because we don’t want to offend anyone that doesn’t celebrate it”…

— sassy senorita (@simplymsz) December 3, 2012

@naenannie@tophersinister unfortunately I can’t bring Christmas stuff to work. Public school. Can’t offend anyone.

— David Witek (@Garagehammer) November 30, 2012

No this, no that at school because we might offend someone. What about what Christians believe in? Merry CHRISTmas! 🎄

— Leanna Strickland (@leanna325) December 4, 2012

So we cant have christmas tree in school? Youre so stupid. We will be watching christmas movies, or will that be banned too? #WAprobz

— uh leash uh(@AlyshiaNichol) December 3, 2012

At school we aren’t allowed to say Christmas because we can’t offend anyone. Isn’t that a little EXTREME???

—Amelia Electra(@Amelia_Panda) December 2, 2012

What about Christmas carols? Surely children may enjoy those.

Regretting sending my kid to a catholic school. So many religious carols. So.many. HALP!

— ana beaverhausen (@Anastasias_b) December 6, 2012

Oh, noes! The horror of carols. Perhaps she should send her children to these public schools, then, where carols have been banned.

Its ridiculous that kids are not allowed to do any Christmas caroling at school!

— LISA MERRILL- TOWN(@lisas_dreams) December 3, 2012

@stana_katic We’re not even allowed to sing actual Christmas songs at the school where I teach. Lame. 🙁

— Elena Gregson (@BklynSquint) November 30, 2012

@bedford_academy Wow, you allow Christmas in your school! My daughter’s classes have been banned from doing Carols!

— Timothy James Holden (@TJH29dec) December 5, 2012

My little sister isn’t allowed to say Christmas in their Christmas play at school… #thatsAmericaforya

— Bridget Anne (@SO_BADooley) December 3, 2012

Sssh! You must mean “holiday play!”

so at school we’re not allowed to sing christmas songs in case it offends anyone…

— SPECTACLES ♣ ♀ (@EmmaSMILE1D) December 2, 2012

And Christmas trees? Good luck spotting one of those through the Bah Humbugs.

There are still ornaments of wish list items on the Holiday Giving Tree in the school lobby.Be sure to take a look if you haven’t already.

— CCE PTO (@CCEPTO) December 4, 2012

Sorry but I’m not calling the tree in our school holiday tree. It’s called CHRISTmas tree for a reason #StopWithTheComplaints #EveryYear

— Kristen Putnam ✨ (@kristenputnam_9) December 4, 2012

I get worked up when people tell me I can’t say Christmas tree at school. It’s a Christmas tree. Not a holiday tree. #christmasfordayz

— Lainie Fortner (@lainiefortner) December 3, 2012

My school called a Christmas tree a holiday tree. Last time I checked it was a Christmas tree .-.

— Shane Johnson (@thatoneguy7444) December 3, 2012

@chasedobbie O M G dont get me started…… my elementary school had a holiday tree 😳👳

— maddie pearce (@_mpearce) December 4, 2012

F* what school says, I’m calling this a Christmas tree, not a dadgum holiday tree!…

— kiersten coats (@KissyWix) December 4, 2012

Some can’t even have “holiday trees” or any kind of decor at all.

How come every other school is allowed to have Christmas lights in their dorms

— Jenna Gilligan (@bookofJENesis) December 3, 2012

Q2 We are a pub school in WV, very Christmas oriented, prev schools Ive been at haven’t allowed decorating even if u were inclusive. #sachat

— Jennifer Brown (@jennbrown8) November 29, 2012

I almost forgot that it was Christmas..UH has no lights or anything. Probably because they don’t want to offend any of the many Muslims here

— Chris Brown (@Teaspoon0719) December 6, 2012

A new excuse enters the mix.

Find it funny how my school isn’t allowed to put christmas decorations up cos its a ‘fire hazard’ ahahaha get away man

— AbiCakE(@abikayewelford) December 4, 2012

Our school is so anti Christmas we aren’t allowed to put decorations up in form becauseits a fire hazard #sostupid

— Sophie Hobbs (@sophieannahobbs) December 5, 2012

Ah, yes. The fire hazard. See, obviously fire wasn’t invented yet during pre-politically correct times.

Parents may soon start complaining as well. Because the PC Grinch is fouling up workplaces, too.

How annoying is it that I can’t say Merry Christmas at work cause it might offend people…

— Jenna Timon (@Jenna_Timon) December 1, 2012

Also, I was corrected today for not calling our office Christmas tree a “holiday” tree. Henceforth referring to our menorah as a candelabra.

— Kelly Barrett (@KellyAlysia) December 6, 2012

Can’t put up Christmas stuff in our office because it offends a coworker.Wonder if my middle finger in their face would offend them too?

— Green M&M’s rule! (@KimberlyH315) December 6, 2012


Governor Chafee swoops in with an idiocy double down!

Gov. Lincoln Chafee calls decorated evergreen in RI State House a holiday tree not “Christmas tree”bc thats what it is traditionally called

— William Sweeney (@daddysweeney) December 6, 2012

Err … what?

Rhode’s not a ‘holiday tree’, it’s a Christmas tree. Jewish people don’t have a holiday candle, it’s a menorah.

— Heather Cyran (@heathercharms) December 3, 2012

And this Twitter user sums it up.

As an atheist, raised Jewish I promise you on all that is heathen AND Kosher it’s not a holiday tree, it’s a Christmas Tree.

— Dave Galanter (@DaveGalanter) December 6, 2012

Enough with the Christmas hating disguised as political correctness. For the children!

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