Strong demand develops for mysteriousl ‘bad boy’ Ted Cruz posters [pics]!/Matthops82/status/444608437524385792

Ted Cruz is delivering a speech in Beverly Hills, Calif. tomorrow night. Around town, “bad boy” Ted Cruz posters are popping up in various places, as reported by!/BreitbartNews/status/444592448199589889

On Twitter, the Photoshopped posters of Cruz are catching on, even though we’re not yet sure from where they originated:!/exjon/status/444605736421580800

It certainly beats Pajama Boy!!/BanditBird7/status/444608469790769152

Reviews were mostly positive, and it sounds like somebody could make a few dollars if they created a t-shirt out of the Photoshop:!/tore_more/status/444612460960415744

I want one of these @tedcruz posters being found around SoCal & Beverly Hills Ca.

#TxBadAss…— The Infidel (Jim) (@Infidelzfun) March 14, 2014!/2AFan/status/444594059512786944!/allen1006/status/444608565899042816

According to @ExJon, this kind of thing should catch on in the GOP:!/exjon/status/444606943957508097


Cruz’s speech Saturday night is a sellout:!/MaeveReston/status/444611227856031744

If somebody’s smart they’ll be selling some posters outside the venue.

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