Still waiting for your NRA membership kit? You’re not alone.!/Nhopkins1394/status/302503587693600769

Thanks to the anti-gun zealotry of Second Amendment-stomping politicians and squawking heads like Musket Morgan, the NRA has experienced a flood of new membership requests. New members are already receiving emails from the organization, but this month, many are wondering why they haven’t received anything in the mail.

Still waiting for my lifetime membership kit from #NRA

— Ryan (@ryanb39) February 11, 2013

Still waiting on my membership package from #NRA. I guess they’re busy with new memberships thanks to @barackobama‘s desire for gun control.

— khnfri (@khnfri) February 10, 2013

Strange, I haven’t gotten my @nra packet, range packet or #idpa packet yet… Can’t wait to start competitive shooting. #nra #tcot #tlot

— Robert Fallstich (@9OrangeLetters) February 6, 2013

It takes about four weeks for membership materials to arrive, according to the NRA.

@spsmith78 Thanks for joining!It takes about 4 weeks to get your membership packet in the mail.

— NRA (@NRA) January 12, 2013

But the wait has been even longer for some.

@nra I joined a month ago and still haven’t gotten packet or Bass Pro Shop gift card….

— James Graham (@jgmp123) February 7, 2013

I joined the #NRA a month ago have heard nothing from them or received nothing. I guess i will try to get my money back. Anyone else?

— Chris(@cdare101) February 10, 2013

I joined the @nra six weeks ago. I’m getting emails but I haven’t received anything in hard copy yet. Backlog I’m assuming.

— LilMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) February 10, 2013

While the NRA appears to be struggling to keep up with the demand, membership cards are eventually making their way into the hands of Second Amendment supporters.

@rbpundit I received my NRA packet yesterday after signing up in Dec. I saw you mention the other day that you were waiting on yours.

— Matt (@O_Shagnasty) February 6, 2013

Be patient! it took over a month to get mine. RT @cdare101: I JOINED THE @nra A MONTH AGO HAVE HEARD/RECEIVED …

— Steve Arrington (@SteveAArrington) February 10, 2013

Received my NRA membership card, took advantage of the membership perks….now saving over 60$ a month on insurance #nra

— Melinda D (@mdslhrst) February 12, 2013

Finally got my @nrapacket and card in the mail, glad to support the true Americans. #NRA #USA…

— Trent Downs (@Trent_Downs) February 8, 2013

Hell yeah got my new #NRA card in the

— Conman Twitty (@ThatsBovice) February 15, 2013

Got my NRA membership packet in :o)

— Tyia Hill (@tyianicole) February 8, 2013


Just got my NRA card in the mail. It’s official I am a card carrying member.

— DAN SZKLARZ (@kdealaey) February 15, 2013

New @nra Membership card arrived today (extending membership through 2014), along with my membership gift. Thanks! #NRA #2A #fb

— American Prometheus (@daniopp) February 12, 2013

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