Stay classy: Michelle Obama fans celebrate speech by cursing Ann Romney!/Theori/status/243187926513623040

What a weird, weird way to pay tribute to the First Lady’s speech. We’re … speechless:

Somewhere Ann Romney is getting bitch slapped by @mittromney 4 not giving a speech like #MichelleObama #dnc

— JAY BRICKS {LVS} (@iamjaybricks) September 5, 2012

I'm in so many tears and I'm AT THE SPEECH!!!!!!!! RT @tonyoardee: Barack: my bitch make yo bitch ( Ann Romney) look like precious

— Hazel (@_ravey_) September 5, 2012

When people try comparing #MichelleObama to Ann Romney…LOL NO BITCH ANN IS AN IDIOT

— Sarah Horn (@SarahUndefined) September 5, 2012

Ann Romney a bitch!!! She trying to get middle class people like me to go broke…FUCK THAT! Barack knows that struggle, Romney was handfed

— Dingojuuuheaarddd (@ManDingo2point0) September 5, 2012

Fuck a Ann Romney! Michelle did the damn thang! #DNC2012

— Call Me Kwame (@brandonep__) September 5, 2012

Fuck Mitt and Fuck that Bitch Ann Romney…Barack & Michelle 4 more years

— Jordan Thomas (@milkmoney21) September 5, 2012

Unlike Ann Romney, Michelle Obama isn't a cunt. #DowntoEarth

— Alexander Mitchell (@AlexanderMitc10) September 5, 2012

michelle obama makes ann romney look like the cunt she is

— Mike Newton (@theemikenewton) September 5, 2012

But remember, America, in Obama World, there’s no “us or them!”

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