Sokushinbutsu Is The Practice Of Mummifying Yourself…While You’re Still Alive

If you think you’re dedicated to your goals, just wait until you hear what Buddhist monks used to do in Japan.

Between the 11th and 19th centuries, Shingon monks in Yamagata, Japan, were so disciplined that they actually practiced sokushinbutsu, a process of self-mummification. While it is believed that hundreds attempted this practice and failed, 24 succeeded at transforming themselves into mummies with a strict diet and deliberate dehydration…while they were still alive.

Kūkai, the founder of the Shingon school of Buddhism in Japan, is believed to have brought this practice from China.

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Monks believed that doing this would help them become more Buddha-like, redeem mankind, and get into Tusita Heaven, where they would need their physical bodies.

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