Size Doesn’t Matter To This Little Crab Who Won Against A Hungry Gator.

South Carolina’s Huntington Beach State Park is home to all sorts of friendly wildlife. Many folks visit to take in nature and learn about those critters. However, it is a fairly small preserve, so some clashing of the animal residents occurs from time to time.

Phil Lanoue, a resident of the nearby neighborhood Murrells Inlet, was able to capture just that when he happened upon what seemed like a particularly one sided fight between an alligator and a small crab. He observed the alligator go into a “stealth mode” as it crept up to the crustacean, but the young gator wasn’t quick enough for this prey. 

Lanoue explains how the brawl went down: “As the gator inched forward the crab reached out with his right claw and gave the gator a good hard pinch on the end of his nose.”

“The defeated alligator was severely annoyed and slowly slunk off back into the water while the crab lived to tell the tale.”

Yep, that’s gonna leave a mark.

(via Caters News.)

Perhaps if the gator had been a bit older, he might not have been quicker to strike. I guess that goes to show you how even animals have to learn the same maturity we do, they just apply it a little differently.

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