Singer Pink teases an exciting announcement; Update: Pink is the new Cover Girl, posts photo!/Pink/status/232491069873467392

Oh, my! Fans immediately start guessing what the announcement could be.

@Pink is it your Tour!!! Please say its your tour and that your coming to Toronto!!!

— Jœ (@fonseca_joe) August 6, 2012

@Pink please let it be uk tourdates pink manchester is missing you

— Brad (@Brad_Downie) August 6, 2012

@Pink are you running for office! Please say you is 🙂

— §!łv¡ø ♈️ (@silvio_rivas) August 6, 2012

@Pink NEW ALBUM…pleaseeee…

— MNG angelika (@angelymania) August 6, 2012

@Pink you're coming to live in Oz? 😉 Or there's another bub on the way? 🙂 #hurryupandtellusplease

— Paula J (@PolleeJH) August 6, 2012

Tour? The album release date? 🙂 RT @Pink: Exciting announcement coming soon!!!! Little over an hour!!! 🙂

— Whitney. ♔ (@FlawlessAlien) August 6, 2012

Tour? Album? Another baby?

@Pink Cliff hanger alert or what??

— Amanda (@Maannddyy) August 6, 2012

Indeed. Looks like we’ll have to wait an hour. Twitchy will update as soon as the announcement is made. Stay tuned!


The big announcement:

Guess who's the new COVERGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

— P!nk (@Pink) August 6, 2012

Congrats @Pink on becoming the next cover girl!!!! I'm so happy for u <3

— Crazy4MAMonster (@Crazy4MAMonster) August 6, 2012

@Pink look at you! Gorgeous!!!!

— Miss M (@missmartyr) August 6, 2012

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