She Was Riding The Bus When She Had A Brush With Death — And It Was All Caught On Film

I’m sure you’ve had some really lucky timing before, but has it ever saved your life?

Though your answer is probably no, one teenager in Portland, Oregon, can confidently say that her timing is the reason why she’s alive today.

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It was a normal day for this girl as she was riding the bus to her destination. But right after she pulled the stop cord to signal that she was ready to get off, a terrifying moment happened, and it made her eternally grateful that she had waited to stand up — because she missed death by inches. When you see this near-fatal experience, you’ll probably never think about taking the bus the same way again.

I can’t imagine how scared she must have been.

Can you believe how close that was? If I was her, I’d probably start walking everywhere until further notice.

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