She Had A 95% Chance Of Survival, But Her Parents Refused To Get Medical Help

Faith healing is a practice that believes medical intervention is not necessary and that outcomes of illness are “God’s will.”

Unfortunately for practitioners, this means that some highly treatable conditions can lead to death. For children who have no choice in the matter, this is especially tragic.

A Pennsylvania couple, Jonathan and Grace Foster, were recently arrested after their two-year-old daughter Ella died after they refused to see a doctor due to their faith. An autopsy revealed she had pneumonia, and doctors say she would have had a 95 percent chance of surviving the illness if her parents had sought treatment.

Both were arrested and charged with child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter. Find more details on this sad case in the video below.

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“Our laws recognize that you have a duty to care for your child’s health and welfare, and we cannot justify a parent not seeking health care for their children when their children are ill,” Berks County District Attorney John Adams told NBC San Diego. “I hope that the members of this church understand that authorities, such as our office, will not tolerate children not receiving medical care.”

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This little one’s death is heartbreaking. I hope her parents are brought to justice. Share her story to honor her memory and all she had to go through in her short life.

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