She Asked Her Dad To Babysit Her Doll, So He Took Things To Hilarious Extremes

Moms get all the credit when it comes to watching the kids, but dads are great babysitters, too!

Trent McCain, owner of McCain Trucking & Harvesting, unfortunately doesn’t get to spend much time at home because he wakes up every day at the crack of dawn and puts in long, long hours. That’s why his precious nine-year-old daughter Joselyn asked him to watch her baby doll for the day. She never wants him to be lonely! He didn’t want to let his favorite little lady down, so he took the job very seriously.

He didn’t think he’d be a grandpa so soon, but he fell into the role quite nicely.

The doll’s name is Abbie, and she decided to help her granddad load the trucks!

She’s a perfectionist, so she made sure to carefully inspect every load.

The two of them took some seriously cute selfies.

They even went fishing!

He tried to let her drive, but her feet didn’t reach the pedals.

Joselyn eventually returned from her busy day out, so she and Abbie hit the field with Dad to check on some wheat. And guess what.

She added two new members to the family: Brinley and Anna. Looks like this grandpa has busy times ahead!

(via Twenty Two Words)

Cheers to a great dad. If Joselyn ever decides to have a few real kiddos, they’ll clearly be in good hands when she needs a sitter!

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