Shame: Kardashians and Kanye put Bruce Jenner in a corner at Clippers game!/LetDaBiebsRauhl/status/283790119390019584

s/o 2 Bruce Jenner sitting alone a row behind his family and Kanye West at the Clipper game…

— Jed (@veryraresecrete) December 26, 2012

Olympic great Bruce Jenner took a backseat to his wife, daughters, and Kanye West at the L.A. Clippers basketball game tonight. Yes, that’s him on the right in the second row behind his courtside-parked family. The dishonor had TV viewers abuzz on Twitter, which sent “Bruce Jenner,” “Kim and Kanye,” and “Kardashians” trending in the U.S. This is one well-oiled publicity machine.

Bruce Jenner is the one with actual talent & gold medals and he’s the one sitting in the second row, BEHIND his family AND Kanye? #OhHellNo

— Sarah Cook (@SarahL_Cook) December 26, 2012

Bruce Jenner has OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS YO. He deserves better

— Rob Markman (@RobMarkman) December 26, 2012

It’s sad that Bruce Jenner has Olympic gold medals and the Kardashians have done nothing in life, yet he’s not sitting courtside. #ComeOnMan

— Fatima Alfaro (@Fatima2Powerful) December 26, 2012

Lol at Bruce Jenner at the Clippers game.

— Aaron Ogundipe (@Aaron_OGundipe) December 26, 2012

Anyone else think its shady that Bruce Jenner is sitting a row behind his family while Kanye is in front with them at this Clippers game!?

— Ty Swayne (@Ty_louise) December 26, 2012

Kim K only got famous cuz of Bruce Jenner and she won’t even let him sit in the front row at the clippers game? That’s disrespectful

— Jared Gordon (@JGords16) December 26, 2012

Bruce Jenner is trending and they’re just clowning on him lmaoo! How are the Kardashians gonna do that to the Olympic gold medalist!?

— Klogs (@JohnnySukka) December 26, 2012

“@tylermisha: The clippers commentator just went on a rant about how Bruce Jenner deserves to be sitting in front of Kanye at the game 😒” 😤🔫

— ♚Kanye West♚ (@TheKingOfCali) December 26, 2012

Good point:

Watching Nuggets vs Clippers Game. Mr. Jenner I wouldn’t want to sit by them either!

— Aimee Mau (@ims808) December 26, 2012

Let’s hope so:

Bruce Jenner didn’t get banished from the front row. Nope! He chose to sit in a seat away from all the phoniness.

— Princess of Zamunda (@ASouthernJule) December 26, 2012

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