See An Entire Galaxy In The Tiniest Places With These Incredible Macro Photos

In this hectic world, it’s easy to forget the smaller things. Those tiny, little things that surround you all the time seem insignificant when you have bills, deadlines, alarm clocks, and events to attend. But sometimes, taking a moment to appreciate these overlooked phenomena can make life seem so much richer.

That’s the philosophy behind the work of Finnish photographer Joni Niemelä, who captures what appear to be entire, vast galaxies in the tiniest places.

Niemelä photographs dew and raindrops on fireweed plants. That might not sound like much, but with a macro lens, they become startlingly beautiful.

Though they’re just droplets of water, through his lens, they become ethereal worlds.

He composes his shots carefully, making the droplets look like they’re suspended in space.

“Though I like to capture moments from various things in nature, my favorite subjects are macro [scenes] and those little details that usually [go] unnoticed,” Niemelä says.

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For Niemelä, the ultimate goal of the series is to evoke feelings of size and space.

“I try to transfer all those moments and ambiances to the viewer as best as I can,” he says.

“I often like also to experiment with post-processing and bring out my artistic view even more this way.”

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You can see more of Niemelä’s work on his website, and keep up with his latest projects — big and small — on his Facebook, Behance, Twitter, and Instagram.

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