Reporter Bob Woodward hops aboard the Obama debate excuses train!/foxnewstalk/status/253874574486302720

This morning, investigative reporter and WaPo associate editor Bob Woodward told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade that Obama’s lousy debate performance was due to foreign affairs or something “in his presidential or personal life” that distracted him. Woodward pointed to the prevalence of “umms” and “uhhs” as evidence of the distraction, because, as we all know, President Obama is normally the epitome of eloquence.

So, something with foreign affairs, huh? Well, it couldn’t’ve been yesterday’s retaliatory strikes by Turkey against Syria, since Obama addressed that something by hawking his wedding anniversary for email addresses …

Woodward might be on to something, though. After all, the president’s “constraints of governing” already took away from his practice time; it only makes sense that any further distractions would really hamper his performance when showtime finally came.

People who watched the debate, people who are all too familiar with President Obama’s inability to perform under pressure, weren’t buying Woodward’s excuse:

"@foxnation: Woodward: Did something happen in Obama's personal life to distract him?" oh paleez! stop makin shit up!

— Stacey Getz (@StaceyAG) October 4, 2012

new best excuse/question abt Obama's suckage – from bob woodward – maybe smthng hppnd personally to distract obama? that i respond…???

— priyaghumman (@priyaghumman) October 4, 2012

Maybe he simply lost, Bob.. it happens to all of us. Bob Woodward–Something happened to distract President Obama!

— Jason Vazquez (@vazquezjp) October 4, 2012

Bob Woodward suggests Obama distracted with personal issue or heavy world problem. Wasn't he cracking jokes at WHCD night of BinLaden raid??

— R. B. Novak (@LASVIDALIA) October 4, 2012

Bob Woodward–Something happened to distract President Obama!Sure it did,the fact that he may very well be a SHORT TIMER in his present job.

— james hall (@cedarboy1) October 4, 2012

Bob Woodward: "something may have happened prior to debate that caused Obama to be distracted."Damage is done&further proves O's ineptitude

— Claire Hamory (@claytalks) October 4, 2012

Perhaps it was his abysmal record.

— Christine Bailey (@ChristineBaile7) October 4, 2012

Sounds about right.



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