Redesigning Your Kitchen Couldn’t Be Easier — All You Need Is A Few Coats Of Stain

Purchasing your first house can be quite overwhelming. The buying process is all about give and take when it comes to meeting your long list of demands.

You may have found the most beautiful house with the largest rooms you’ve ever seen, but the wall color in one of the rooms is the wrong shade of green. The walk-up you found in the city is amazing, but the bathroom is on the second floor. But would you really let such minor details keep you from settling down in your dream house?

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After all, first-time home buyers can turn their almost-perfect homes into pure perfection with just a few small DIY projects. Redditor Tashrocio and her husband purchased their first home a year ago. While the kitchen was the perfect size, she had always dreamed of having darker cabinetry. Instead of abandoning the house, this industrious couple got to work. In a week’s time, they took that kitchen from drab to fab.

The cabinetry was in excellent condition, but our new homeowners wanted something a bit darker.

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That’s when they decided to stain the cabinets themselves!

The couple began by removing the doors and drawers to give them a light sanding before applying the stain.

After just one coat of stain, they watched as their dream kitchen became a reality.

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After three coats of stain, it was perfect. They then applied a coat of polyacrylic finish to seal everything.

With the cabinet boxes complete, it was time to apply the same treatment to the drawers and doors.

There were over 40 cabinet doors that needed to be stained.

After reassembling the cabinets, this kitchen was almost unrecognizable.

Check out the dramatic change!

By the end of the project, the couple had spent just $300. That’s a significantly cheaper alternative to having the cabinets replaced. For the full design project, click here.

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