Ready To Meet The 8 Most Heroic Dogs In America? I Thought So.

Everyone loves dogs. They’re faithful and endearing, and sometimes they can be incredibly heroic. Today we’re proud to introduce the 8 nominees for most heroic dog, sponsored by the American Humane Society. From helping kids read, to searching the World Trade Center towers for 9/11 survivors, you’ll never find a more deserving group of animals all vying for the $5,000 charity award of their choice. The best part is, we get to vote! With that said… Ladies and Gentlemen, your nominees:

1. Bretagne: Former World Trade Center rescue dog, Bretagne now spends her days helping kids learn to read — she’s a friendly, non-judgmental audience for those who want to improve their skills — and waiting to be called back into action.

2. Xena the Warrior Puppy: This rescue dog from Georgia is currently helping her best friend deal with autism. Says the boy’s mom, “He is non-stop chatter now! He is the happiest child that I’ve ever seen him be in eight years.”

3. JJ Krawczyk: JJ alerts this little girl’s parents when the girl is having a dangerous allergic reaction — the reaction can be to nearly anything. This includes anything from air conditioning to outside materials that can sometimes trigger anaphylaxis. JJ’s even so good at her job that surgeons invited her to participate in an operation last year.

4. Kota: This former Virginia police dog was seriously injured after falling through a roof while attempting to catch a criminal. Dedicated to his work, he managed to crawl to his handler to help complete the arrest.

5. Kai: A fire detection dog with the San Antonio Fire Department, Kai was picked up off the streets by animal control officers after being abandoned by her owners. She escaped euthanasia by demonstrating tremendous energy and has since worked more than 200 investigations. Kai also helps educate kids on fire safety.

6. Chaney: A former explosive detection dog who retired from the Marines in 2013 after multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, Chaney and his handler now work together on a nonprofit that trains dogs to work with veterans and kids with autism.

7. Susie: After inspiring a North Carolina law imposing tougher penalties on animal abusers after being found left for dead, Susie currently helps her new owner overcome depression.

8. Xxon: A guide dog for retired Air Force staff sergeant Michael Malarsie, who was blinded in an explosion in Afghanistan, Xxon recently helped Michael become the Air Force’s first blind active duty airman.

All together these 8 wonderful dogs are just the tip of the iceberg. We’re sure there are other amazing stories out there.

(via: huffingtonpost) That’s why these dogs need your support. The more people who vote here, the more they can help spread the word about these heroic animals. Hopefully with your support, we can all learn to appreciate these amazing creatures more and more every day. Please consider voting, and even sharing with your friends below.  

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