Public celebration for Bergdahl cancelled, The Left is outraged!/CharlieKayeCBS/status/474282859973603329

Given what we know about Bergdahl at this point, canceling a public celebration makes sense. Not surprisingly though there are some who can’t help but see the situation as a conspiracy against Obama.!/AmPowerBlog/status/474290944141819904

In the interest of not getting egg on the town’s face if and when we learn more about Bergdahl’s dealings with the Taliban.!/BecketAdams/status/474283714395271168!/lesliemarton/status/474283473268510720!/Feedee1977/status/474283667221913600!/Feedee1977/status/474291317204586496

Actually this is what happens when the President screws up so badly that the Democrat media complex can no longer ignore it. But have heart, you still have MSNBC.!/andreakirwan/status/474291812195401728

Oh dear.!/pdrSuze/status/474290779654205440

Bless her heart.

And if this poor Soros-monkey had waited a half hour he could have just blamed the whole cancelation on Fox News.!/NeilKille/status/474283152693673984!/EricBoehlert/status/474284417201221633

Heh. Pathetic.

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