Pope resigns, moral cretins tweet hate; Resign by ‘slitting your wrists’


In a nearly unprecedented move Pope Benedict XVI will step down at the end of the month. Twitter was buzzing with the news and, sadly, gutter sludge crawled out of the cracks.

Vile fake retweets are coming in.

RT @pontifex Fuck this, i’m done.

— Max Vedel (@SoGreeen) February 11, 2013


RT @pontifex: Fuck the lot of ya. Go to hell. Cunts.

— something in the way (@AllApologies_) February 11, 2013

But even more repugnant are the despicable death wishes and disgusting tweets from morally bankrupt cretins.

AP News – Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI resigning on Feb. 28. GOOD RIDDANCE ASSHOLE

— Patrick Terrill (@PatricknSD) February 11, 2013


Fuck the pope, yeah I said it.

— Cam (@HarlemCam) February 11, 2013

“Oh he didn’t die” – Billions of disappointed people.#Pope

— Steele Saunders (@SteeleSaunders) February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign-“because I have always known I was a cunt” #BowYourHeadInShameYouPerpetratorOfGreatEvilUnderGoodsGuise

— Dysphagia. (@whonowwhatnow1) February 11, 2013

Farewell, cunt! (The pope has resigned!) @pontifex bbc.co.uk/news/world-214…

— Sean (@seano86) February 11, 2013

Good riddance @pontifex off you fuck! You vile harbourer of child molesters!

—Kaos (@RKA0S) February 11, 2013

Fuck the pope and every practicing Chatholic.Evil people

— Anup the S’eair (@MatthuMiller) February 11, 2013

.@pontifex hahaha fuck off you old prick

— Farage’s Fucked Face (@AynRand4Lyfe) February 11, 2013

Hahaha @iowamike Your fucking pedo Pope has stepped down 😀 @pontifex Pedo down! Pedo down! Taking time off to fuckmore kids no doubt!

— AnonDeath (@ExpectLulz) February 11, 2013

Hahahaha yes @pontifex, congrats on the retirement, now DIE

— Kieran Morris (@hipsterscumbag) February 11, 2013

So, Pope Benedict XVI @pontifex has resigned. Good fucking riddance, you hate-filled, homophobic, divisive, antediluvian little Nazi.

— Darren (@MetalOllie) February 11, 2013

@pontifex B16 just 8 short years as Pope, but filled with bigotry, hate speech, offense and suffering. Not a moment wasted, eh.

— discobisc (@discobisc) February 11, 2013

#Pope Benedict XVI Resign you sick bastard!!

— Blackout Sappy #MTV (@BlackoutSappy) February 11, 2013

@pontifex is abdicating in 17 days – BEST. NEWS. EVER. You were an absolute disgrace, hating women, aids sufferers… Fuck off, German cunt.

— Jay (@jasmine_marien) February 11, 2013


— Church Of Fuck (@churchoffuck666) February 11, 2013

Hey @pontifex hope you die soon. Cunt

— Pietie Steyn (@pietiegroen) February 11, 2013

@pontifex your disgusting. a pompous boy raping gross fuck. get out of your over decorated faggot castle and slit your own fuckin throat

— U.H. (@urushiolhaze) February 11, 2013

Hey @pontifex hope you die soon. Cunt

— Pietie Steyn (@pietiegroen) February 11, 2013

Resignation via slitting your wrists in a bathtub please @pontifex.

— Morally Bankrupt(@snaisy) February 11, 2013


Shame on you.

#prayersup for @pontifex guys. God Bless

— akita san (@akeeshers) February 11, 2013

Indeed. What the morally bankrupt and hate-filled don’t understand is that the pope will pray for them and hold them in his heart. True tolerance and love is beyond them.


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