Persecution: Christmas Day bombers target Christian church, reportedly kill 35 worshippers [photos]!/Zinvor/status/415955768882757632

Christmas has long been a day of terror for persecuted Christians in Iraq. Today was no different. Close to 40 innocent worshipers reportedly died in two separate attacks in Baghdad today at a church and nearby marketplace.!/YasirGhazi1/status/415906973305946112!/virtualactivism/status/415895667567886336!/HatingBreitbart/status/415846022783303681!/lonestarmango/status/415889400493375488!/jeMario/status/415891918682611712

Reminder: American Christian Pastor Saeed remains imprisoned in Iran. This is his second year behind bars because of his faith.!/jchrisvaughn/status/415966757996593152!/MsIntervention/status/415960909362647040


Rupert Murdoch: ‘Pray for Christians being persecuted in Middle East’; Denialists say ‘LOL’

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