Paul Ryan calls Fla. ‘breadbasket of the South’; CNN hears Civil War rhetoric!/PeterHambyCNN/status/247006122345644033

Oh, man. Caught out there! Another GOP dog whistle that — surprise! — only media lapdoggies can hear.

CNN just basically called Paul Ryan a Confederate sympathizer because he called Florida "the breadbasket of the South". #bias

— Rick Moore (@RickMoore) September 15, 2012

Courtesy of CNN’s Peter Hamby comes the latest entry in the Handbook of Racial Code Words: “breadbasket of the South.” The new addition will fit smoothly into a handbook that already includes vile bigoted language like “kitchen cabinet,” “angry,” chair” and of course, “peanut butter and jelly.”

MSM's next big story will not be that the ME is burning, not that freedom of speech is under attack, but Ryan's "confederate sympathies"?!

— Stacey-SisterToldjah (@sistertoldjah) September 15, 2012

What, did she miss Paul Ryan’s neo-Confederate call for the South to rise again?

@NathanWurtzel I just read where Ryan endorsed the Confederacy because Florida is the breadbasket of the South and stuff.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) September 15, 2012

@PeterHambyCNN claims Ryan is invoking civil war message with Fl is breadbasket statement! Reaching much?

— TXN_1st (@Prairie_Patriot) September 15, 2012

Excellent lapdoggery, Mr. Hamby!

@PeterHambyCNN OMG!!! Ryan is a crypto-Confederate supporter!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your reportage of this, Mr Hamby.

— vbspurs (@vbspurs) September 15, 2012

Now fetch!

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