Patti Davis explains why she won’t stand by tweet calling out broken Obama promise!/DaleAGlenn/status/394930371076173824

After asking the liar in chief to explain why she and millions of others are losing the health insurance they like, Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis deleted the evidence and learned that Twitchy is forever.!/MongoTribble/status/394944918718005249

On Monday night, Davis explained why she quietly deleted her tweet.!/DaleAGlenn/status/395042493810491392!/LurkerDood/status/395055029532372992

Exit advice:!/qf747sp/status/395095936390541312


Cue tiny violins: Liberal Reagan daughter Patti Davis asks Obama why she’s losing her health insurance; Update: Tweet deleted

Patti Davis deletes tweet asking Obama to explain why she lost her health insurance

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