Panda Caretaker Knows Just How To Distract A Cub When It Won’t Give Up A Broom

If you’re a parent, you know that getting kids to put away their toys during meals can be a serious struggle.

But as this zookeeper demonstrates, the same can be said for some animals as well, especially when it comes to pandas. As the man was feeding a group of the bears in a Chinese zoo, a little cub decided that it having too much fun playing with a broom to put it down. Even after the caretaker took it away, the feisty nugget snatched it back. At that point, the man realized that the only way to win was to bribe the fuzzball with a creamy treat.

“I will love this broom forever — never mind, give me the milk!”

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Don’t you just love pandas? They’re basically little drunk people. Be sure to share this story with others so that they can experience all the cuteness, too!

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