Palin can hear Cruz from her house; Offers Alaska-style fortification [pics]!/SarahPalinUSA/status/382753619365228545

Sarah Palin can hear and see Ted Cruz from her house. And what a view it is!

Palin also retweeted an amazing photo of Ted Cruz’s daughters, who enjoyed some bedtime stories from their fabulous dad during his filibuster.!/SarahPalinUSA/status/382684585726722048

She also offered words of encouragement and some Alaska-style fortification:!/SarahPalinUSA/status/382678450567266305


As a bonus, a little love from and to David Limbaugh:!/SarahPalinUSA/status/382689320747823104

Tweet like a girl? You betcha! Keep it coming, Sarah Palin.


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