One Guy Just Epicly Burned The Toronto Maple Leafs On Twitter

Shots, fired.

1. One fan has given the Toronto Maple Leafs a lil’ beating heading into the NHL trade deadline today.

2. It all began over the weekend when Twitter user @DylanBreen31 decided to troll the Leafs for one of their tweets directed at the Montreal Canadiens.

5. The punches kept coming.

@MapleLeafs it’s been like 11 years since you were a decent team get your shit together already oh my god I hate you I fucking hate you

— DylanBreen31 (@trill dyl)

7. But when he called the team “the longest lasting disappointment” of his life, the Leafs then attempted to clapback with a tongue-in-cheek response.

@MapleLeafs you’ve been the longest lasting disappointment in my life.

— DylanBreen31 (@trill dyl)

@DylanBreen31 just wait until you start dating 😉

— MapleLeafs (@Toronto Maple Leafs)

9. But all scores were settled when @DylanBreen31 handed their asses right back.

@MapleLeafs I’d ask for dating advice but clearly you can’t score either.

— DylanBreen31 (@trill dyl)

10. *shots fired*

11. Meanwhile, other frustrated Leafs fans stood on the sidelines and watched proudly.

@DylanBreen31 @MapleLeafs

— shariq_jamil (@Shariq)

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