Once You See This List, You Might Feel Really, Really Old… But It’s Awesome. I Can’t Believe #5.

A lot can happen in 25 years. After all, it is two and a half decades. That’s enough time for a baby to mature into an adult. In the past 25 years, so many things have happened, but you might not even realize JUST how many. That’s why we’re going to show you. You may feel a little old as you read this list, but it’s still truly fascinating.

1.) The Tienanmen Square Massacre

2.) The last Japanese holdout troops surrender from WWII

3.) Sky Television

4.) The collapse of the Soviet Union

5.) The Internet

6.) Text messaging

7.) Seinfeld

8.) The Simpsons

9.) The first close-up images taken of Neptune by Voyager II

10.) Saved By The Bell

11.) Sega Genesis

12.) Magnum ice cream

13.) Microsoft Office suite

14.) Intel’s 486 series microprocessor

15.) Lexus

16.) Gameboy

17.) GPS

18.) Using DNA evidence in court

19.) Family matters

20.) Cambodia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Afghanistan

21.) The Cranberries

22.) Baywatch

23.) The fall of the Berlin wall

24.) The end of the Cold War

25.) Batman movies

(H/T List25) A lot of awesome things have happened in the last 25 years and this list is just scratching the surface. From reading this article online to sharing it with your friends using your smartphone… most of the things we do today, we use inventions that were created in the past 25 years. Amazing. Share these awesome list with others.

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