Officials Believe This Student Died Due To The Discipline She Received In Class

In many parts of the world, learning how to read isn’t commonplace like it is in the United States.

Even in places where there are schools for students to attend, destabilization due to war or famine may make that learning experience difficult or spotty. In Nairobi, Kenya, some parts of the city experience extreme poverty, and some are claiming that due to her inability to read, a young girl was beaten to death.

Joy Wangari, a 10-year-old girl, told her teacher she couldn’t read, and reports say the teacher hit her in the back of the head. She then encouraged Joy’s classmates to do the same.

Later, the girl fell ill. Neighbor Ann Wairimu told Nairobi News, “I visited the girl at home and she looked very weak and complained of abdominal and back pains.” Joy was taken to the hospital, where she vomited blood and passed away from her injuries.

Kamemba Kamande, the director of education, said an investigation is ongoing. “We have not taken any disciplinary action against anyone but should we find any of the teachers culpable, then we will take action,” he said.

(via Metro)

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This is a totally senseless tragedy. My thoughts are with Joy’s family during this difficult time. Share her story if you believe the people who did this teacher should be brought to justice.

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