Now kids way too young for Bill Nye can still learn about gender fluidity through song

Gender fluidity has become a big issue. Just a day ago, in fact, the New York Times offered a look at teen and pre-teen boys who are “affecting beauty norms” with their online makeup portfolios. Bill Nye famously relaunched his TV career earlier this year with his new Netflix series, which quickly tackled the topic of gender with a musical number called, “My Sex Junk.” Those who missed out on Nye’s professional scientific understanding of gender fluidity weren’t left out in the cold, though; libraries began stepping forward to offer the little ones special storytime events with drag queens.

The library seems to be the place to go if you want to teach your toddler about gender fluidity. Now Laura Jane Grace, former leader of punk band Against Me!, is offering a musical introduction to gender to parents and their very young children. NowThis reports:

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