New tone: DCCC launches site branding GOP ‘hostage takers’!/dccc/status/276397850177437696

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is thrilled to announce their latest foray into fiscal cliff politics. This morning, the group unveiled, reminding Americans that Republicans are holding the middle class hostage and preventing Obama and the Democrats from solving all our problems.

new DCCC website about fiscal cliff and middle class tax cuts. Visit now.

— Jesse Ferguson (@JesseFFerguson) December 5, 2012

Visitors to the site are greeted by a list of 40 House Republicans who have thus far refrained from signing a discharge petition that would force a vote to extend tax levels on families making less than $250,000 annually.

DCCC launches GOPHostageTakers.comSite demands 40 vulnerable Hse Republicans allow vote on middle class tax cuts & sign discharge petition

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) December 5, 2012

The DCCC would have you believe that they’re looking out for average Americans, but that’s not the case. Firstly, contrary to Democratic talking points, not raising tax rates is not the same as a tax cut. Additionally, if the Democrats get what they want, tax rates for families making more than $250,000 would increase. Fiscally conservative Republicans understand that the fiscal cliff cannot be averted by increasing the tax burden on wealthier Americans and job creators. But to the Left, that just doesn’t suit:

Tell these 40 GOP hostage takers to stand with President Obama & vote for middle class tax relief… #My2K

— Domenick Stampone (@DomStampone) December 5, 2012

If your Congressman’s name is on this list, you owe it to yourself to give him a call or seven!…

— Norman Jones (@Nojogolf) December 5, 2012

GOP is willing to protect millionaires #taxcuts for 26 more days & let MY rates rise in 27 days. — — @anomaly100 #OFA

— Jarryd Willis, M.S. (@OFA_Jarryd) December 5, 2012

Conservatives are suffering from severe liberal rhetoric fatigue:

So much creativity!! lol. Democrats create “GOP Hostage Takers” RT @zekejmiller: Inbox: DCCC Launches

— Katie Johnson (@kjon) December 5, 2012

UNEXPECTED! RT @zekejmiller: Inbox: DCCC Launches

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) December 5, 2012

New civility> RT @dccc: Find out which House GOP are holding middle class tax cuts hostage at —>

— Justgirl venting (@Lilleth71) December 5, 2012

@michellemalkin so dems think launching official website called GOPhostagetakers is smart ploy? Walk away I say. #tcot #my2k #fiscalcliff

— Tim Collie (@dadinthestands) December 5, 2012

We’d love to.

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