Mom Took Her Baby To The Store But Just 24 Hours Later, He Was Deathly Ill

As much as I try not to think about it, there’s no denying that germs are everywhere.

When it comes to germs we have two options: Remain in a bubble and never leave your house again, or go about your day as normal.

As a parent, keeping your child healthy is a major concern, but when it comes to running errands, kids can pick up germs along the way. That’s out of your control. One place you wouldn’t expect to find deadly bacteria, however, is the supermarket. But as one mother learned, simply placing her son in a shopping cart child seat almost cost him his life.

During a normal shopping trip, Vivienne Wardrop didn’t think twice when she placed her 10-month-old son in the seat of her shopping cart.

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Just 24 hours after their day out, the young boy began experiencing severe vomiting, a high fever, and diarrhea. After the baby began passing blood, the concerned mother took her child to the doctor, who brushed off those symptoms as a virus.

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