Mom Makes Heartbreaking Video To Talk About A Condition Every Parent Should Know Of

September is Sepsis Awareness Month, and despite it being a relatively common condition, I had no idea what it was until this morning.

Sepsis is when infection overwhelms the body and begins killing off healthy tissue causing organ failure. According to the Sepsis Alliance, it’s diagnosed when patients develop clinical signs of infections or systemic inflammation. Infections associated with sepsis often stem from the presence of certain toxins or pathogens. Extreme cases of sepsis require direct medical treatment in an intensive care unit.

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Sepsis is responsible for more than 258,000 deaths in the U.S. annually. Melissa Mead knows all too well the effects of losing someone to the cruel condition.

This is little William and mom Melissa Mead.

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Up until just about two years ago, baby William was a happy, healthy boy.

Learn this mother’s story of love and loss…and educate yourself!

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Mead’s call to action hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Others are crediting her as their children’s saviors when they became ill.

This is just wonderful!

What a horrible thing to go through. We hope that Mead and her family heal and make new memories, while still cherishing William’s.

Find out more about this horrible condition and how you can help educate others by visiting the Sepsis Alliance’s homepage.

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