Mom Goes On Rant About The Damaging Effects Of Over-Rewarding Children

Millennials have been hearing that we’re over-rewarded and given too many “participation trophies” for years.

Whether or not that’s actually true is up for debate, but one thing that this argument reveals is the fact that there are so many different parenting styles. What works for some parents may not work for others, and there’s no shortage of parenting advice out there to agonize over.

One mom feels so strongly about “being honest with our kids” when it comes to their successes and failures that she decided to make a video.


In the rant, which is one of many on her channel, she advocates for only telling children they’ve done a good job if they’ve completed a task successfully, saying that doing so paves the way for future success.

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She also rails against praising children “for doing their best,” noting that children may then feel that they can’t do any better.

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