Miracle Happens When Woman Is Taken Off Life Support And Whispers To Her Husband

No family wants to be left with the difficult decision to pull the plug on a cherished loved one.

When a person falls into a coma and remains unresponsive for days, or even weeks, there’s often not much more doctors can do. In most cases, the life support machine is the only thing keeping the person alive, and even still the quality of life isn’t where it should be. It is in this moment that every family’s nightmare becomes a reality. Do you keep them hooked up to the machines and keep the faith, or do you pull the plug and prepare for the worst?

The Pellettiere-Swapp family was tasked with this difficult decision when their loved one made a miraculous recovery.

Steven Pellettiere-Swapp came home one day to find his 45-year-old mother, Lyndee, unconscious and unresponsive. The woman had slipped into a coma, but was not pronounced brain dead.

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After 12 heartbreaking days, doctors stressed to the family that it would be in their best interest to consider taking their mother off life support. Honoring the woman’s wishes of being an organ donor, the family made the decision to pull the plug in hopes that her organs would one day save someone else.

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