MicroDave The Mini Horse Is Too Cute For Words, And Now He Has A Sister!

Jen Baldwin-Murphy and her staff at Haysden Liveries were absolutely delighted when they welcomed a tiny new addition to the farm family.

One of the mares gave birth to a pocket-sized colt measuring in at only a foot tall, and it wasn’t long before the miniature horse acquired the name MicroDave. This pint-sized pony has understandably attracted a lot of attention online since his birth.

MicroDave was among the first foals under Baldwin-Murphy’s care, and obviously she loves him to pieces.

She had initially intended to sell him, but they formed a strong bond. Today she and her tiny buddy compete in shows.

I mean, we totally get it. How could anyone part with this precious face?

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But MicroDave isn’t the only tiny horse in the family anymore. Meet MicroBoo!

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