Mickelson apologizes for bemoaning high income tax; ‘Apologize for what?’


Darn skippy! As Twitchy reported, pro golfer Phil Mickelson put some divots in the green when he caused a kerfuffle by  saying that he was considering a “drastic change” due to high income taxes. How dare he speak truth? He has since expressed regret for those remarks, because it apparently angered some fans.

Mickelson takes mulligan on controversial tax comments investmentnews.com/article/201301… #golf #taxes

— VSU Investment Group (@VSU_investments) January 23, 2013

@adamcarolla @drdrew Mickelson getting “crucified” for suggesting he might flee Cali’s punitive tax regime #speaktruthes.pn/10DFTtv

— Brian Thorne (@bthorne22) January 23, 2013

Not sure why people are ganging up on Mickelson. Taxes are outrageous and something must be done

— Matt Wukovich (@mjwuk41) January 23, 2013

Indeed. Many Twitter users rushed to the golfer’s defense: Why on earth should he apologize?

Mickelson presser about to start. Fully expect liberal golf press to ask him who built the roads to the driving range. @garywilliamsgc

— Mike Nemesi (@mikenemesi) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson will pay 22 mil in taxes. This is justified if you can show me he used even half of that in government services

— Nick Meyer (@SlickMeyer) January 23, 2013

#Mickelson RT @adamtstone0530: @jessicarights Hell I would move too if I was paying 63 percent taxes and I would tell every damn one why

— Jessica Stanton (@jessicarights) January 23, 2013

But, the controversy continued. So, Mickelson held a press conference today, which got off to a late start.

Increasingly bizarro situation developing at Torrey as Phil Mickelson keeping media waiting for over an hour, standing in parking lot now

— Geoff Shackelford (@GeoffShac) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson’s 3pET presser from Torrey was moved to 2:30p then back to 3p. Now he’s 40 mins late. What will Phil do next? #MIA

— Kelly Tilghman (@KellyTilghmanGC) January 23, 2013

#Mickelson presser getting pushed back because he’s signing autographs for ALL gathered fans. The man is class epitomized.

— Jessica Stanton (@jessicarights) January 23, 2013

Mickelson on why he made reporters wait for over an hour: I was probably “gathering my thoughts.” And signing autographs.

— Cameron Morfit (@CameronMorfit) January 23, 2013

Mickelson arrives at the presser.

Phil Mickelson has arrived.

— Elliot Block (@elliotblock) January 23, 2013

And he apologizes again for making the comments publicly.

Phil Mickelson says it was wrong for him to go public with critical tax comments and insensitive to those living paycheck to paycheck.

— Jason Sobel (@JasonSobelGC) January 23, 2013

Mickelson: I think it was insensitive to talk about this to people who are not able to find a job or living paycheck to paycheck.

— MyDesertGolf (@MyDesertGolf) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson: “This reminds me of Winged Foot. I’ve made some dumb, dumb mistakes & obviously talking about (taxes) was one of them”

— Kelly Tilghman (@KellyTilghmanGC) January 23, 2013

Regardless of how you feel aboutPhil Mickelson’s tax comments, he is not afraid to speak his mind or to proud to apologize.

— brandel chamblee (@chambleebrandel) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson apologizes for public airing of tax grievance, but sticks to general tenor of complaint. Still deciding whether to stay here.

— Cameron Morfit (@CameronMorfit) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson funny + contrite. Said he’s always been happy to pay a fair share but is unsure what that is now. Said he shoulda kept quiet.

— Matthew T. Hall (@SDuncovered) January 23, 2013

And, the old “fair share” media-pressured narrative comes into play.

You could tell in Phil Mickelson’s press conference that he wanted to say more…but chose not to. Shame.

— Brandon Stone (@stone2417) January 23, 2013

It is a shame. He knows the tenor of his remarks was correct. And he has no reason to apologize for it. Many Twitter users agree.

If Phil Mickelson had just quietly moved to #Texas, he probably would not have been bullied about not wanting to pay “his fair share.” #tcot

— Josh Painter (@Josh_Painter) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson is getting taxed 63% total and ppl trippin cause he said he said he gotta move to do something about it!#FthemIdontblameu

— Brisk (@itsbrisk) January 23, 2013

Why did Phil Mickelson apologize? He thinks taxes are too high.. So what?

— McKenzie Mayfield (@mayfield2199) January 23, 2013

Someone tell me why Phil Mickelson should have to apologize. Half of his money he EARNS is being taken away by taxes. I know I’d be mad too

— Will Olmstead (@Wolmstead10) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson didn’t build that majestic golf swing. The government did. Right @barackobama ?

— Boy Next Door (@WillyHashTagG) January 23, 2013

Dear California, Phil Mickelson is thinking of leaving your state due to high taxes. Say goodbye to 7.8 million dollars a year :D.

— Army Actor (@AAJAQUITS) January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson, Inc appears to be relocating just like hundreds of other Californian businesses. Who could have foreseen such an action?

— Les (@hiimles) January 23, 2013

Obviously Mickelson was going 2 get flak for his comments but think for a moment what he was saying. Is it really “moral” to pay 60% in tax!

— Michael Cronin (@TMichaelCronin) January 23, 2013

“Fair share”! And by that, we mean punishing success and class warfare. How very moral!

Could someoneexplain to me why Phil Mickelson feels the need to apologize for saying how he Honestly feels about his #taxes?

— Larry Mannino (@LarryMannino) January 23, 2013

It was CrimeThink, you see.

Just saw that Phil Mickelson apologized for his remarks abt his high taxes after being pilloried by the left. Expected but still #depressing

— Bill Cover (@billcovr) January 23, 2013


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