Meeting these #ObamaCultRequirements makes the Kool-Aid sweeter!/CandiLissa/status/270710825478672384

With four more years of hope and change on the calendar, it might be time to kick back with a pitcher of Kool-Aid and try a new perspective. A whole lot of people must see something in President Obama that we just don’t understand. Maybe if we check off some of these handy #ObamaCultRequirements, the next term will just fly by.

Not that it helped the campaign season fly by when Twitter users offered insight into #ObamaCultRequirements in September. But forward! Or something.

#ObamaCultRequirementsDeprogram your mind of all math, history, common sense, logic and patriotism

— PersecutedCapitalist (@Persec_Capital) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirementsBelieve lack of access to contraception is a problem

— End of the Republic (@PointlessPol) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements – Recognize the racism in everything around you

— Shifty33 (@Shifty331) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements embrace poverty, let it embolden you!

— K.T.L.D. (@kimberlee713) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements let go of your guns and religion

— ag_texas (@ag_texas) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Red and blue avatar of self on Facebook

— Jim Valvis (@JamesValvis) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Whenever anything bad or controversial happens, blame Bush #tcot

— Bryan Ridenour (@youthpastorbry) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Believe you can increase the cost to employ without increasing unemployment #ObamaCare

— Shaka Dwayne (@ShakaDwayne) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements — Must assume Republicans are racist misogynists who aim to destroy Sesame Street.

— RightFieldRants (@RightfieldRants) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Believing your employer exists for the sole purpose of providing you a job, medical benefits and paid vacations

— Mr T (@startthetebow) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Intense resentment of those you perceive as being more successful or happier than you.

— KALKAM (@KALKAM71) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements You didn’t build this. In fact, you’ve never built anything and likely never will.

— Rational Jingo (@rational_jingo) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Never question. Never question. Never question. Never question.Never question.Never question & oh ya – Never question

— Carl Thornton (@CarlWThornton) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Must have no idea how to govern your own life, and rely on others to tell you how to live.

— Melissa Harvey (@adaywithcoffee) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements must vote for revenge

— Barackolypse Now (@CzarZellem) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements: Voting with your #ladyparts. #TCOT

— Janell Troutt (@janelltroutt) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements Ask what your country can do for you and how much, how fast and how often

— DONT BE FOOLED (@dennear) November 20, 2012

Believe fervently that Obama will soon get around to paying your mortgage, buying your gas, and handing you a phone #ObamaCultRequirements

— Joe the Patriotic (@joethepatriotic) November 20, 2012

#ObamaCultRequirements You have to agree to be in the cult to see what is in the requirements.

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) November 20, 2012

Agree to be in the cult? Could we have another few years to think this over?

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