Man Reels As One Seriously GIANT Tapeworm Is Removed From His Nose

To be completely honest, I enjoy a satisfying pimple-popping or blackhead removal video from time to time. The tapeworm that doctors just pulled out of this man’s nose in Australia, though, takes things to a whole new (and disgusting) level.

Tapeworms are parasites that absorb nutrients through their host. The number-one way people become infested with tapeworms is by consuming raw beef, pork, or fish. Most often, they are found living in animal intestines, but to the astonishment of medical staff, this one took up residence in a man’s nasal cavity.

Watch as a doctor grabs hold of a tapeworm with a pair of tweezers and starts pulling…and pulling…and pulling. All in all, the parasite living in this man’s nose was over five feet long.

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I’ve seen a lot of disgusting stuff on the internet, but this literally made me gag. Don’t forget to share this video and gross out your friends!

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