London’s Subway System Once Used These Busy Tunnels. But Now? Whoa.

One thing I never understood is why abandoned subway stations and tracks exist throughout New York City. We let these places rot underground in a place where every square foot of real estate is a precious commodity. It just doesn’t make sense.

When I learned that London had these 19 similar places sitting below its busy streets, I had to learn more about what’s down there. But after I did, I seriously wish I’d left it alone. They’re OMG creepy!

1.) The Halls Of The Original Metropolitan Line Station.

2.) Vintage Posters On The Notting Hill Gate Walls.

3.) Benches At St. Mary’s Tube Station.

4.) Fictional Union Street Set Up In An Aged Station For A Film.

5.) The Cast Off Station At South Kentish Town.

6.) The Old Loos Of The Mark Lane Station.

7.) The Phantom Waiting Room At Aldwych.

8.) The Ticket Booth At The Empty Holloway Station.

9.) The Entry To The Closed Down Street Station.

10.) The Stairs Out From Holloway Station.

11.) Ghost Headquarters Beneath The British Museum’s Forgotten Station.

12.) The Commuter Tunnel Into The Abandoned Aldwych Station.

13.) The Tunnels Of The Holburn Line.

14.) The Unfinished North End Tube Station.

15.) Blocked Off Stairs To The Surface Of The Lost Bull & Bush Station.

16.) Infrastructure Above The Abandoned Piccadilly Lines.

17.) The Empty Tracks Into Aldwych Station.

18.) Backlit Walkways At The Ancient King’s Cross St. Pancras Station.

19.) Exploring The Holburn Lines.

(via All Day)

If you need to get in contact with me, you’ll find me rocking myself to sleep in the back of my closet. Because that’s the only place I’m going to feel safe for a while after looking at these. So…creepy…

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