#LondonPowerCut leaves city without electricity


Sign at Tufell Park station says both it and Archway stations are closed but Kentish Town is still accepting Northern Line #londonpowercut

— Matt 'TK' Taylor (@MattieTK) April 5, 2012

Parts of North London are without electricity right now. Apparently, EDF might sort it out in the next hour or so. #londonpowercut

— Time Out London (@TimeOutLondon) April 5, 2012

the guardian have got power back apparently yet we up practically the same road haven't. what liberal bias. #londonpowercut

— Michael V (@mikarv) April 5, 2012

People who aren't working on live stuff and/or tomorrow's paper have been told to go home, lots going, what do they all do? #londonpowercut

— Roger Browning (@rognbrow) April 5, 2012

Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation and update this post as needed.

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