Libs squee over Candy Crowley’s lady bits, ignore history of bias!/toddstarnes/status/235010816552865793

The list of moderators for the presidential debates reads like the roster of boarders at the lapdog media kennel.

SIREN–@DylanByers has debate moderators: 1) PBS's Jim Lehrer for 1st debate 2) CNN's Candy Crowley for 2nd 3) CBS's Bob Schieffer final

— Mike Allen (@mikeallen) August 13, 2012

Shocking, we know.

Candy Crowley is getting the bulk of the attention today since she’s the first woman to be the second woman to moderate a presidential debate. Or something.

But as the Left celebrates Crowley, the Right is taking her to task for calling Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate “some sort of ticket death wish.” Like a good little lapdog, Crowley cited unnamed Republicans as the source of those words, but as Legal Insurrection points out, that’s “the oldest trick in the book when a ‘news’ person wants to insert her own opinion into a story without having to say its her own opinion.”

Conservatives on Twitter immediately slammed the choice of Crowley as a debate moderator.

Someone tell me how having Candy Crowley as a moderator for Pres Debate is okay when she claims VP pick is a death wish? She isn't OBJECTIVE

— Jerri Jones (@jcjones717) August 13, 2012

So they're going to open the POTUS debates with Candy Crowley? Talk about giving Obama home field advantage.

— Robert Foreman (@rforeman72) August 13, 2012

Shut up, explained the Left. Because ovaries!

Very glad that the Presidential Debate Commission chose 1st woman to moderate a prez debate in 20 yrs. Congrats to @CrowleyCNN.

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) August 13, 2012

That’s right. Crowley isn’t the first to do this. She’s the second. That glass ceiling cracked open twenty years ago. But lady bits!

Congratulations to @crowleyCNN – first woman to moderate presidential debate in 20 years!

— EMILY's List (@emilyslist) August 13, 2012

Finally. 1st woman in 20 yrs! MT @CNNPolitics: #CNN's @CrowleyCNN will moderate the Oct. 16th presidential debate.

— Jennifer Granholm (@JenGranholm) August 13, 2012

Congrats to @crowleycnn! RT @HuffPostPol: The first woman to moderate presidential debate will be…

— Krystal Ball (@krystalball) August 13, 2012

So glad to hear a woman will finally moderate a presidential debate. High time – @crowleyCNN is first in 20 years!

— Marlo Thomas (@MarloThomas) August 13, 2012

Finally equality for women to moderate GOP POTUS candidate debate. Candy Crowley & Martha Raddatz- brilliant!

— MacKenzie McHale (@MackMcHaleACN) August 13, 2012

VICTORY! Woman to moderate 2012 Presidential debate after 120,000+ sign 3 girls' petition: @crowleyCNN @UltraViolet

— Women's Rights (@changeWomen) August 13, 2012

As always, feminists are more fixated on content of DNA than content of character. Perfect statistical gender parity trumps everything else for Team Uterati. The only exception would be if a conservative woman from “Faux News” was selected to moderate a debate — then there’d be hell to pay. She wouldn’t count as authentically female and they’d threaten to lift her skirt to find out if she’s really a woman.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that while Candy Crowley is being celebrated as the second female debate moderator, she won’t actually be coming up with the questions at the town-hall-style debate. But hey, she’s got two X chromosomes so this is a triumph for women everywhere, right feminists?

You’ve come a long way, baby.

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