Lib actress Eliza Dushku cozies up to Alex Jones for #MarchAgainstMonsanto!/redsteeze/status/338307243583881216

It’s not just Occupiers and Alex Jones fans uniting for #MarchAgainstMonsanto. Hollyweird enviro-nannies are more than happy join forces with conspiracy kook Jones to “occupy the food supply” and promote their crusade against agricultural biotech giant Monsanto, a leading producer of genetically engineered seeds and herbicides.

Genetically-modified crops make food cheaper and more plentiful. But try telling that to actress Eliza Dushku and her anti-GMO pals in the entertainment industry. Dushku retweeted Jones’ tweet promoting the May 25 demonstrations.!/elizadushku/status/338226012699627520

Think we’re going to pass up a chance to embed the “Alex ‘Hyperbole’ Jones” video? It’s like you don’t know us at all!

The #MarchAgainstMonsanto stream is chock full o’ breathless tweets and retweets from anti-GMO activists, Occupiers (worst farmers ever) and celebs like Mark Ruffalo, Roseanne Barr and Stuart Townsend.!/RealAlexJones/status/338253173384945664!/Mruff221/status/338043638833623040!/Stu_Townsend/status/338190586693705728

They’re all about “choice,” unless you want to choose to consume (or avoid) genetically-modified food.!/OccupyWallStNYC/status/338272349726068736!/AnonOpsMob/status/338042861289353216!/akaWACA/status/338186079674978305

Because GMOs are the new slavery. Or something.!/jenbunski/status/338322483264503809!/MetalGrow/status/337979027698614273

Bill Maher, Danny DeVito, Dave Matthews and others recorded this propaganda video about “Frankenfoods.”!/DefendWallSt/status/335965606434197505


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