Learn More About Your Own Country With These Awesome Informative Maps.

Data can be boring unless you have it organized in a super-awesome way. For example, you probably wouldn’t think twice about these facts about the United States if they weren’t in this colorful and easy-to-understand maps. Information can be incredible if it’s presented in the right way. 

Did you know any of these facts about your own country? Some may surprise you.

1.) Gun ownership.

2.) Marijuana use laws.

3.) Percentage of people with bachelor’s degrees.

4.) Soda vs. Pop.

5.) Don’t forget me, please.

6.) Childhood obesity.

7.) Smoking rates.

8.) What each state searches for on Google.

9.) What each state is good at.

10.) Nuclear power stations.

11.) The U.S. at night.

12.) Life expectancy.

13.) Gay marriage laws.

14.) Percentage of the population over 65.

15.) How we pronounce “caramel.”

16.) One person, one dot.

17.) Most religious counties.

18.) Highways signs by state.

19.) Top 25 last names.

20.) Ancestry by county.

21.) More bars than grocery stores.

22.) Craft breweries per state.

23.) Percentage of adults eating fruits/veggies.

24.) Beer per state.

25.) Whether Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune airs first.

26.) Household income.

(via Distractify)

I don’t care what those people in California say; it’s pronounced “caramel”. You can hear it, right?!

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