Kirsten Powers, others shred Susan Rice’s justification for Syria attack!/kirstenpowers10/status/377123403922432000

National Security Adviser Susan Rice addressed The New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., today, where she attempted to spell out why striking Syria is in the best interests of U.S. national security.

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers was skeptical of Rice’s pitch from start to finish:!/kirstenpowers10/status/377115420916195329!/kirstenpowers10/status/377118405288947712!/kirstenpowers10/status/377119326014160896!/kirstenpowers10/status/377122935276044288

Other reaction to Rice:!/NolteNC/status/377090417088397313!/MikeHudomeMedia/status/377118589779988480!/Kredo0/status/377113964398006272

We’ll close with things you can and can’t get away with in Susan Rice’s world:!/JammieWF/status/377116839119036416


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