Just Because You’re A Parent, It Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Having Fun.

The older you get, the more you realize that all of those older people you looked up to, those same people you thought knew it all and had everything figured out… were just as young and stupid as you. They just happen to look older. 😉

Don’t believe us? These 20 hilarious photos prove that just because you get old and have kids, doesn’t mean you lose your goofball ways…

1.) Grandad FTW!

2.) Nic Cage will do just about anything for money these days.


3.) Yes Dad, you were. We salute you.

4.) No school like the old school.

5.) You know that cat’s plotting his revenge right now.

6.) Wonder if that Dad is a Crip or a Blood?

7.) The line was so far crossed they can’t even see the line… and it’s still funny.

8.) He really is!


10.) Thumbs up to you sir.

11.) Because that cab really makes the photo…

12.) Not. Funny. Mom…. (hehehe)

13.) Just wait till he learns LOL…

14.) This is the most adorably hilarious thing. Ever.

15.) Mickey D’s DOUBLE FAIL.

16.) You got him to look!

17.) Dad definitely didn’t think this one through.

18.) “What a paradox” indeed!

19.) Redneck inventions, 101.

(via Pleated-Jeans)

There you have it, picture evidence that those same people you thought were serious no-fun old folks are truly just kids at heart. But if you still don’t believe us… let’s just say you’ll find out one day no matter what.

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