Jonah Goldberg warns of Great Animal War! When pigeons, deer attack: You are not alone [pics]!/carney/status/383228131395399680

Oh dear. Jonah Goldberg explains they are our enemies (except for dogs) and are up to no good at all.!/adamannapolis/status/383228786910572545!/JonahNRO/status/383229077567442944

Oh my gawd! The parrots are inside your house!!/andylancaster/status/383227152831094785

And “Seinfeld” imitates life. The Twitter users who sparked Jonah Goldberg’s warning? They are not alone.!/GabbiTavani/status/382909297698824192!/AndyMoore1975/status/382789954377891841

Cool? Or terrifying?!/419BillE/status/382610157970411522!/air_yell/status/382552265338269697!/georgiawatkins/status/382176544820846592!/MeeraDoctor/status/382139767129120768!/PhilsLionGirl/status/381800594954268672!/UzmaR13/status/381448807919386624!/xxSarahS/status/381180437026308096

Heed the warnings, humanity!

Deer are just as dastardly.!/thejessness84/status/382466508401967104!/_ThugMisses_xo/status/382323289239986177!/tacofro77/status/367412699627417600

Do not let the cute Bambi face fool you.!/kendrajaderossi/status/365541630817734658!/catiejeffers/status/364907602800410624

The first casualty in the #GreatAnimalWar?!/CarrierDylan/status/383035818106826752

Eight. Times. Is that what happened to Sen. Grassley? No wonder he just swiftly left the scene of his deer slaying. Or was it an accident? Perhaps he is a soldier for Team Humans.


Oh, deer: Sen. Grassley goes hunting — with his car

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