I’ve Never Seen Someone Love Their Childhood Home So Much. What She did Is Beautiful.

Christine loved her parents’ house. So, over the course of a month, she worked hard to create something to honor it. The resulting piece of work was beautifully made… and delicious. Their talented daughter turned the house into an incredible, edible chocolate cake. She spent hours carving the cake, adding icing decorations and even making it light up. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this girl is one of a kind.

Christine’s creation was made of German Chocolate cake.

Then, she covered it with piped buttercream frosting and melting chocolate.

She used zero fondant. Plus, she created the windows using sugar glass so the light could shine through.

This is an original image of the house, with the former owner sitting on the stairs.

Her love of the house doesn’t stop there, though. She has made an oil painting of it…

Decorated it for Halloween…

And even hung its Christmas lights.

Christine also painted the entryway for her parents.

She printed out and hung family photos…

And she even painted a beautiful floral motif in one of the bedrooms.

This girl has an incredible talent (and love for this home).

Source: Reddit After posting this wonderful homage to the social sharing site Reddit, she was overwhelmed with support. How could you not fall in love with such a beautifully made dessert home? Let this be your inspiration for next Christmas. Gingerbread houses are so old news.

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