It makes a difference: Twitter sums up #BenghaziInFourWords!/SarahKnoploh/status/333399045160706049

When a hashtag like #BenghaziInFourWords is topping Twitter’s list of trending topics on a Saturday night eight months after the fact, it’s a sure sign that the issue of what happened in Libya last September is not going away, and “what difference does it make” is not going to suffice.

Hillary Lied, Americans Died. #BenghaziInFourWords

— Jack’s Not 4 Turning (@jackmcoldcuts) May 10, 2013

Geraldo’s not going to like that one.

#BenghaziInFourWords Obama goes to Vegas

— Hugh Bris (@_HughBris) May 11, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords Incompetence at its worst.

— Ronnie Wright (@Lakota07) May 11, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords Thrown Under #Obama‘s Bus

— בועזיז (@Boazziz) May 11, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords Party in Vegas, baby!

— Daria DiGiovanni (@dariaanne) May 11, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords It Ain’t YouTube’s Fault

— J P (@RileyRebel129) May 12, 2013

#benghaziinfourwords Woods, Doherty, Smith, Stevens

— Redacted (@FoolishReporter) May 12, 2013

First amendment, shmirst amendment #BenghaziInFourWords…

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) May 12, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords – President Hillary, not happening

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) May 12, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords – Let the survivors testify

— TBradley (@TBradleyNC) May 12, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords Blood On Their Hands #uniteblue #stoprush…

— Roy Rogers (@Roy__Rogers) May 11, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWordsAmerica wept….Obama slept#tcot

— Victor Nikki (@hapkidobigdad) May 12, 2013

#Benghaziinfourwords Video Killed The Ambassador

— nick searcy (@yesnicksearcy) May 12, 2013

#benghaziinfourwords its republicans fault somehow

— Redacted (@FoolishReporter) May 12, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords We. Need. Air. Support!4 from DeeCee: You’re On Your Own.

— Mike Letalien (@Coach_Crash) May 12, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords Bump In The Road…Obama’s words, definitely not mine.

— Angela.Kay (@DeepSouthProud) May 11, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords – Too big to bury

— TBradley (@TBradleyNC) May 12, 2013

#BenghaziInFourWords America Will Not Forget

— Paul Kinkel (@PaulKinkel) May 11, 2013

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