Is It A Circle? A Square? This Mirror Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good mental puzzle or some grand illusion.

I was the biggest fan of all those magic specials they used to show on TV, where all the biggest names in magic would perform their most incredible stunts. I’ve sadly learned over the years, as we all do, that what I used to think was magic was actually anything but.

Kokichi Sugihara, a college student at Meiji University in Japan, is blowing minds all across the globe with his illusion project called “Rectangles and Circles.” The feat recently won the Neural Correlate Society’s Best Illusion of the Year Contest. It will make your inner child believe in magic once again.

Can you crack the code?


Spoiler Alert! One YouTuber believes he found the solution to this tricky illusion.


Yeah, this is way too much for my brain to process right now. If you need me, I’ll be watching the video on a loop for the next 40 years or something.

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