If You’re A Stickler For Details, These 25 Pictures Are About To Drive You Nuts

There are so many people out there with one job who should actually have no jobs because they’re the worst.

Observing the world’s many natural and man-made blunders is like giving your perfectionist mind a one-way ticket to crazy town, and if you care about details in any way, you’re going to need therapy after you see these atrocities. Here are 25 things that never should have plagued mankind with their existence but totally did anyway.

This crime against humanity.

This workplace harassment.

This edible trash heap.

This bagel cutter who just can’t.

This soggy nightmare.

This little slice of existential dread.

This person who needs to delete their emails before I attack them physically.

This burning pile of garbage.

This lineup that ruined my life.

This bowl set that holds all the world’s problems.

This park that needs to be set on fire.

This fresh Hell.

This scourge of the Earth.

This faucet that flows with human tears, probably.

This dispenser of lies.

This box where happiness goes to die.

This sidewalk that wants to watch the world burn.

This monstrosity.

This stairway to full-blown nihilism.

This can of chest pains.

This waste of life.

This nonsense that was definitely done on purpose.

This room in the ninth circle of Hell.

This frozen tundra of human suffering.

This chocolatey equivalent of student debt.

See? Everything is awful and no one does anything right.

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