If Your Doctor’s Office Has One Of These In The Lobby, You Should Probably Leave

When it comes to surgical procedures, those of the cosmetic variety are often the most controversial.

Some view these surgeries as miracles that help people lead their best lives, while others see them as being emblematic of society’s fixation on appearance as it relates to self-worth.

Regardless of our personal views, we can more or less agree that surgery in any form is nervewracking. That’s why what this Korean doctor decided to do is extremely problematic.

Back in 2014, this photo of human jawbones encased in glass columns made the rounds on social media. They belonged to a surgeon in Seoul, South Korea.

Inside the columns were the leftover jawbone fragments of roughly 1,000 patients. Business was obviously booming, but how did this doctor manage to produce so much medical waste?


Well, there was one common procedure to blame.

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Chin surgery has taken off with South Korean women over the past few years in an effort to adhere to strict standards of beauty. It involves shaving away parts of the jaw to create a more tapered appearance.

Can you imagine how painful recovery must be after this?

(via Rocket News)

Luckily, the South Korean government ordered the clinic to take down its “art” installation. Not long after, they launched an investigation into the practice. There’s no word on whether or not this clinic is still around, though. This doc and his team probably should’ve just disposed of all those bones.

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