If You Think You’re Having A Bad Day, Remember That You’re Not One Of These People

When it comes to medical weirdness, X-rays are in a league of their own.

There’s just nothing pleasant about searching for bodily problems beneath the surface. Even if things end up being okay, it’s still an unnerving process. To give you some perspective, these X-rays will probably make your next experience at the doctor’s office seem a little less scary.

1. Here’s the aftermath of a run-in with the meat grinder.

2. I’m not really sure how that flashlight got in there, but I know it hurt coming out.

3. That’s not how teeth are supposed to look.

4. Here’s a before-and-after shot of a scoliosis procedure.

5. It looks small, but I bet that hurts like hell.

6. Well, that’s certainly revealing. So much for being big boned.

7. Nothing like getting a fork stuck in your foot. Great times!

8. This is what a broken collar bone looks like.

9. This girl needed surgery after swallowing a Christmas ornament hook.

10. Judging from the silhouette, I think that’s a Buzz Lightyear doll. To infinity and beyond…I guess.

(via Reddit)

Did these make your body hurt? I’m feeling pretty queasy. Let’s just hope that none of us ever have to deal with X-rays that look like these.

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