If You Think You Know What You’re Looking At, You’re Probably Wrong. My Brain Just Exploded.

Artist Ivan Hoo specializes in creating anamorphic pieces that trick the senses. He chose wood as a medium because of its texture and how it held color. He had always looked up to realist artists like Audrey Flack, Roberto Bernadi and Julian Beever… and now he is making his own mark. By cleverly working with pastels and wood boards, Ivan has created images with such feeling and dimensions. It’s difficult to tell they aren’t real, even if you know they are art.

The medium he chose is special.

The wood gives his pieces depth he otherwise wouldn’t have had.

And the pastels pop on the wood, too.

He used to focus on creating portraits.

Then, he got an idea.

What if he started drawing events or “happenings” on the wood?

The action you’re supposed to be seeing almost draws you in.

The “dripping” effect was his first idea.

Then, he moved on to using different textures.

They are all brilliant.

You want to just reach out and touch them…

Absolutely amazing.

By posting his art on Instagram, he gained confidence. There was lots of positive feedback.

(H/T Bored Panda) To see more of Ivan’s eye-catching work, check out his Instagram account, Facebook page or Tumblr. Let your senses be tricked by his expertise. If you enjoy his work, share it!

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